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Beatles Application

I realize this community has been dead for some time but I have hopes that one day it will come back to life. :)

01. Name: Kirsten
02. Age: 24
03. Gender: I am indeed a female.
04. Location: Hot and rather boring SW Florida.

05. Favorite Beatle: Paul, hands down.
06. Least favorite Beatle: I hate to choose a least favorite, they all play/played an intricate role and are all awesome in their own ways.

07. Which Beatle do you think you're most like and why? I think I'm somewhere between John and George.
08. Favorite Beatles song: Oh man, this is such a concrete question but I'm going to go with Blackbird. .... Or maybe I'm Looking Through You? That is the one I love to blast while driving with the windows down as I sing along until I nearly loose my voice.
09. Favorite Beatles album:, Yet another difficult question, haha. If I had to narrow it down to two I'd have to go with The White Album and Rubber Soul.

10. Describe your musical tastes (besides The Beatles): Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Joe Bonamassa, Fun, Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, The Goo Goo Dolls (older not so much newer), Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Phil Collins, Fun, Mumford & Sons,  Michael Bublé, The Monkees, Don McLean, David Bowie, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eminem, Death Cab For Cutie, 3OH!3, Everclear, Flogging Molly, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, etc.
11. Your Strengths: Loyalty, compassion, humor, caring/a good listener, I'd give you the shirt of my back even if I didn't know you.

12. Your Weaknesses: Shyness, I sometimes do tend to get my feelings hurt kind of easily, stubbornness, I'm messy, self-conscious, a worrier, and phones calls/large groups (especially when I'm alone) scare me a bit, I can have a bit of a temper too.
13. Talents and/or things you enjoy doing even if you aren’t talented at them: Singing, writing, drawing/painting, playing instruments (anything I can get my hands on, whether it be a old harmonica of cardboard tube, I love to make rhythmic noise, especially when I'm alone.)
14. Are you a leader or a follower? I can be either depending on the situation. Do I care enough to step up and lead? Do I respect/admire the person who is currently leading me/are they doing a good job? If I feel that the person in charge is lacking I will step up and take charge for the entire "project" or until someone else qualified comes and takes the reigns.
15. Are you serious or more of a jokester: Hmmm, I'd say once I warm up to a person I'm a bit more of a jokester/smartass, but there are also times where I can be pretty serious.
16. Are you a showman that loves the spotlight or more of a behind the scenes type person? Depends on why I'm in the spotlight and who is watching me, lol. If I feel confident if what I'm doing/presenting then yes, I love to be in the spotlight no matter who is around. If I'm with people I'm comfortable with I'll easily gravitate to center stage. But if I'm with people I don't know or who I'm not that comfortable around my mouth will be shut and I'll hang in the back.

17. What three things are most important to you in life? Friends/family, love/compassion, humor.
18. What makes you really respect a person?Their ability to laugh and not get upset at things, especially little things and when it comes to other people. Those folks who get their panties in a bunch because a mistake was made on their food order, I just can't stand them. We all make mistakes, if you must send it back you can be polite and friendly with your server; being a dick isn't going to solve anything.

19. What are your feelings on spirituality and religion? I wish it weren't used to spread so much hatred these days. I'm not a religious person per-say but I feel that if there is a god/goddess that he/she is loving and accepting. Not this hateful angry god who condemns everyone who is considered "different" to hell. I also like to think that he/she is just, like Batman. He/she doesn't kill or torture them instead he/she makes them "pay the time for the crime" if you will, haha. As for religion when it comes to life after death I'm in love with the idea of reincarnation, the thought of getting to experience so many different stories and lives, it's just awesome.

20. Please link to three recent unstamped you have voted on:

21. [OPTIONAL] Post one or two clear pictures of yourself. Or give a brief description:
47563_1261499076360_1796203908_520287_2364571_n photo (3)



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Mar. 18th, 2013 06:11 am (UTC)
shy and caring, you seem like a george!
Jul. 25th, 2013 10:52 am (UTC)
With your love for music, art and your personality, I think you're a Paul
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