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Application: THEME: Beatle Kids

A NOTE TO VOTERS: If you need a refresher on who’s who, a little bio and some pictures of each kid can be found here.

01. Name: Ginevra
02. Age: 26
03. Which Beatle are you stamped as? Ringo

04. Favorite kid: Mary McCartney
05. Least favorite kid: Don't have one.
06. Which kid do you think you're most like, and why? Probably Mary. We share a love of vegetarian cooking and photography.

07. Favorite Beatle: Paul
08. Least favorite Beatle: I love them all
09. Which Beatle do you think would make the best dad? Paul

10. If you had the choice, would you rather be part of a larger or smaller family? Larger. I am an only child so I do wonder what it would be like if I had siblings
11. What’s your relationship with your parents like? Very good. We do have little arguments at times but those are resolved pretty quickly.
12. Do you plan on following in the footsteps of your parents or carving your own path? Carving my own path
13. Would you like to have an artistic career, or something else? Definitely artistic

14. Do you crave the spot light or do you value your privacy? In between would be nice. I'd like to be acknowledged for my work and to showcase it but I would like to be able to retreat to my home without being hounded
15. How rebellious are you? I try to compromise with other but sometimes I am stubborn about my beliefs
16. Could you briefly describe you personality? I am loyal, trustworthy, caring, devoted and determined
17. What do you think are your main strengths? I am firm in my beliefs, my honesty and the fact I am devoted to my loved ones
18. What do you think are your main weaknesses? I think my temper can get me into trouble

19. Please link to three recent applications you have voted on:


20. [OPTIONAL] Post one or two clear pictures of yourself. Or give a brief description:
I am a female of average height, slightly pale skin, dark brown hair with some red through it, hazel eyes, I wear glasses.



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Jul. 25th, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC)
you sound just like Mary!
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