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Welcome to beatle_stamp, The Beatles Stamping Community where you can find out which Beatle or Beatle related person or thing you are. Fill out an application, and we’ll tell you which of the Fab Four you remind us of most! But remember to read the rules and vote on a few applications first.

Thanks to beatle_rating, which this community is based off of.
Also thanks to thefulcrum for the layout, tomorrow_brings for the profile, and jackdawsonsgrl for the icon.
1. Before you fill out an application, please vote on three unstamped applications.

2. Tag your application as unstamped so that people can easily find it to vote on.

3. Votes with some explanation are greatly appreciated although not required. No one likes one word votes.

4. Only give one vote per application and bold your vote. Learn how to bold things HERE.

5. For every application you fill out, please vote on three different unstamped applications. It’s no fair to link back to the same three applications every time!

6. Make sure to cut your application. Information about lj-cuts can be found HERE.

7. If your application is not under a cut, you will either need to fix it within a couple days, or a mod will delete your entry, and you will need to resubmit your application under a cut.

8. In order to show you’ve read the rules, include the word FAB somewhere in your title

9. In order to fill out a themed application, you must first be stamped as a Beatle from the original application.

10. There will be a new theme at the start of each month, but past themes will always be open.

11. If you feel your stamp does not suit you, you may reapply in a month.

12. Please try to elaborate when filling out your application. It makes it a lot easier for us to figure you out if you give us more than one word answers.

13. As always, please keep the drama to a minimum.

14. You will be stamped after three days or seven total votes (or four similar votes). All applications will be open for at least one full day.

15. A moderator will have the final decision in the event of a tie.

16. If you have any questions, just drop me a line at the mod contact post.

17. Have fun!!!

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